Private Studio Location:
2204 South Wilson Dam Road
Muscle Shoals, AL 35661
client application
client application
Steve Has Lost Over 40lbs!
Kim Lost Over 50lbs!
No Doubt Fitness is a private personal training studio & we cater to Online Training as well for those that are not able to join the team in person!  All of our programs are custom made to fit your lifestyle and fitness goals. 

Whether it's FAT BURNING, BUILDING LEAN MUSCLE or just GETTING YOUR LIFE BACK, we have a trainer and program just for you! 

Due to high demand I have to limit my clients. I am reviewing applications BUT were only taking on a few more clients! 

Please serious inquires only and of course this isn’t free. I’m looking to work with individuals that truly want to make a REAL CHANGE in their life, and are willing to invest in themselves!

Finally, making time for yourself, to be consistent, get some structure and guidance! Tell me why you should be part of the team. I look forward to reading your application!
Brian Lost 100lbs in a year to go ski diving!
What are your fitness goals?
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What Is Your Fitness Goal?:
Your Current Occupation:
Your Stress Level:
How Often Do You Workout?
How Would You Describe Your Diet?
What Most Describes Why You Want Me To Coach You?
How Bad Do You Want To Reach Your Goal? On A Scale 1-10, (10 Being Highest)
Private Studio Location:
2204 South Wilson Dam Road
Muscle Shoals, AL 35661
Secret #1: What Most People Aren't Showing
Technique is key to staying pain free and seeing maximized results. I have incorporated my own twist on exercises causing them to show proven results for me and other 1000+ In Person and Online Clients.
Secret #2: Check-ins to Provide Serious Accountability
Depending on the plan I feel is best for you, we will be training in person, calling, and/or emailing back and forth often to provide the accountability needed to produce serious motivation!
Secret #3: Bringing Home the Trophy 
I want to show you that you're truly worth the work and effort put in. Money is Money. It buys you food, clothes and, purses. But those things don't bring you true happiness. Invest in YOURSELF and REALLLLY be proud and happy about who you are and who you will become...have NO DOUBTS!
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